Aaron Aujla

Library Desk at The Punjab University
Visible 24/7 through the window at 95 Orchard Street

June 15–July 27 2016

Press Release

Aaron Aujla. Library Desk at The Punjab University. 2016. Industrially-produced fiber carpet samples, handmade carpeting by Textile Arts Center fiber artisans, MDF desk. 72 x 36 x 29 in.
Aaron Aujla. Queenstown Amherst. 2014. Industrially-produced fiber carpet, handmade segment by Textile Arts Center fiber artisans, wood panel and plexiglass. 55 x 37 x 3.25 in.

In the 1920's, Mahatma Gandhi initiates a home-spun textile movement teaching Indians self-reliance leading to an extrication from Britain's imposed cloth and garment trade.

In 1947, India gains independence.

In 1951, Prime Minister Nehru assigns Le Corbusier to prepare a master plan for Chandigarh, the new capital of Punjab, as a symbol for a modern India. Included in the plan are the House of Parliament and a new state college.

In 1956, a teak desk designed by Pierre Jeanneret is placed in the middle of the Punjab University Library.